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There’s a particular kind of tired you can get as a parent that is like no kind of tired at any other time in your life…
The weight of being the physical, emotional and cognitive support for another being is…draining. And sometimes you, Just. Need. To. Sleep.
And there’s no other way around it. Without sleep you will not be able to recharge. Function. Think. Even Breathe.

We have weights, and physical, emotional and cognitive needs of our own and sometimes we just can’t carry ALL of them. We need a break sometimes.

If you keep trying, one of two things is gonna happen: you’re gonna win or you’re gonna lose. If you quit trying, only one thing is gonna happen.
VHS Wrestling Head Coach Mike Gacha

Is it weird that after a week and a half of being told that I’m “doing everything right,” all I want to hear are the thoughts of a person who thinks I am doing it wrong?

And I won’t ask why, because the answer is, always, “doing the right thing is rarely the same as doing the easy thing,” but I will complain about how particularly hard doing the right thing is right now.

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